Extravaganza Catering by Pat Smith!

Sample Menus
Continental Breakfast
Choice Buffet
Hot D'oeuvres
Cold D'oeuvres
On-Site BBQ
Gourmet Salads
Poultry Selections
Starch and Vegetables
Meat Entrees

Sample Themes
Mexican BBQ Buffet
Tuscan Style
Asian Style
Tropical Islands
Specialty Tea & Sandwich
Summer Concert Box
Fundraiser Reception
Wedding Reception
5 Day International Training

"...we got so many compliments on the food and decor, you always take such good care of us and we truly appreciate it! We look forward to our next event with you!"
Regards - Kelli Moeller

"The food was bountiful and delicious. The presentation was remarkable. I am so grateful that Monica May told me about you. We could not have pulled off the event of the year without you!"
- Manuel and Mary Costa

Extravaganza Catering by Pat Smith!

Additional Services

Additional Services for your Reception (All listed prices estimated)

We are responsible for:

Delivery – Setup – Guest service – Cake cutting – Beverage service and clean up.  Charges include port to port with a 4 hour minimum.  We require a 2 Hr. setup prior to your event – cleanup approx. 1.5 Hr.

(Time and One Half charged for over 8 Hrs. per person per the above schedule.)

Additional Service Personnel – Attired in Black & White or appropriate theme; Event Supervisor - Wait Staff – Bartender - Kitchen Staff   $25.00 Per Hr.

On Site Food Preparation Chef –  (to be quoted)

China Service – To be determined by menu requirements - $4.50/$7.50 PP

Linens – Buffet, Guest Seating, Bar, Gift & Cake Tablecloths-    $11.00/$18.00 

Linen Napkins - $ .70 each

Table Skirting –13Ft. length $17.00 each 

Tables – 6/8 FT. Serpentine /  8 Ft. Classroom - (To Be Quoted)

- 8 Ft Banquet Tables / Linens / Drapes - (To Be Quoted)

- 10ft Banquet Tables / Linens / Drapes - (To Be Quoted)

- 48” Round Tables / Linens / Drapes - (To Be Quoted)

- 90 Round Tables / Linens / Drapes - (To Be Quoted)

- 108” Round Tables / Linens / Drapes - (To Be Quoted)

- Market Umbrellas W/ Stands - (To Be Quoted) 

Chairs – White Samsonite, White or Natural Wood - $1.35/$2.85

Beverage Setup Charge – To include Ice, Icing Tubs, cocktail napkins and all necessary items required for the beverage and bar setup.

- High Quality Plastic Glassware - $1.50 Per Per.

- Glassware - $3.00 Per Per. 

Beverage/Liquor Service

Alcoholic Beverages may be quoted and provided by one of our qualified suppliers. Cost to be invoiced and paid by client directly to supplier upon agreement on a per usage basis to include all open and wet bottles that cannot be restocked.

Beverages may be provided by client and served by our professional bartending staff – there is no corkage charge to the client for the use of your own beverage. 

Qualified Recommendations Are Available for:

Music – Floral – Ballroom Dιcor – Party Equipment Rentals – Ice Sculptures

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