Extravaganza Catering by Pat Smith!

Sample Menus
Continental Breakfast
Choice Buffet
Hot D'oeuvres
Cold D'oeuvres
On-Site BBQ
Gourmet Salads
Poultry Selections
Starch and Vegetables
Meat Entrees

Sample Themes
Mexican BBQ Buffet
Tuscan Style
Asian Style
Tropical Islands
Specialty Tea & Sandwich
Summer Concert Box
Fundraiser Reception
Wedding Reception
5 Day International Training

"Thank you very much for all of your hard work in putting together our company picnic. I would have to say that you are the best caterers I have ever worked with. You were all so easy to work with and the picnic flowed very smoothly."
- Cynthia Woodward (ACI)

"You are amazing! Everyone commented on the beautiful set-up and scrumptious food. This will be an event long remembered. Your staff was so gracious and helpful!"
Love and Gratitude - Manuel Costa

Extravaganza Catering by Pat Smith!

Additional Services

Additional Services for your Reception (All listed prices estimated)

We are responsible for:

Delivery – Setup – Guest service – Cake cutting – Beverage service and clean up.  Charges include port to port with a 4 hour minimum.  We require a 2 Hr. setup prior to your event – cleanup approx. 1.5 Hr.

(Time and One Half charged for over 8 Hrs. per person per the above schedule.)

Additional Service Personnel – Attired in Black & White or appropriate theme; Event Supervisor - Wait Staff – Bartender - Kitchen Staff   $25.00 Per Hr.

On Site Food Preparation Chef –  (to be quoted)

China Service – To be determined by menu requirements - $4.50/$7.50 PP

Linens – Buffet, Guest Seating, Bar, Gift & Cake Tablecloths-    $11.00/$18.00 

Linen Napkins - $ .70 each

Table Skirting –13Ft. length $17.00 each 

Tables – 6/8 FT. Serpentine /  8 Ft. Classroom - (To Be Quoted)

- 8 Ft Banquet Tables / Linens / Drapes - (To Be Quoted)

- 10ft Banquet Tables / Linens / Drapes - (To Be Quoted)

- 48” Round Tables / Linens / Drapes - (To Be Quoted)

- 90 Round Tables / Linens / Drapes - (To Be Quoted)

- 108” Round Tables / Linens / Drapes - (To Be Quoted)

- Market Umbrellas W/ Stands - (To Be Quoted) 

Chairs – White Samsonite, White or Natural Wood - $1.35/$2.85

Beverage Setup Charge – To include Ice, Icing Tubs, cocktail napkins and all necessary items required for the beverage and bar setup.

- High Quality Plastic Glassware - $1.50 Per Per.

- Glassware - $3.00 Per Per. 

Beverage/Liquor Service

Alcoholic Beverages may be quoted and provided by one of our qualified suppliers. Cost to be invoiced and paid by client directly to supplier upon agreement on a per usage basis to include all open and wet bottles that cannot be restocked.

Beverages may be provided by client and served by our professional bartending staff – there is no corkage charge to the client for the use of your own beverage. 

Qualified Recommendations Are Available for:

Music – Floral – Ballroom Dιcor – Party Equipment Rentals – Ice Sculptures

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