Extravaganza Catering by Pat Smith!

Sample Menus
Continental Breakfast
Choice Buffet
Hot D'oeuvres
Cold D'oeuvres
On-Site BBQ
Gourmet Salads
Poultry Selections
Starch and Vegetables
Meat Entrees

Sample Themes
Mexican BBQ Buffet
Tuscan Style
Asian Style
Tropical Islands
Specialty Tea & Sandwich
Summer Concert Box
Fundraiser Reception
Wedding Reception
5 Day International Training

"...the staff was professional and helpful, the food was beautiful and the presentation wonderful, we will definitely use you again!"
Thanks! - Susan Leiter

"Dear Pat, just wanted to thank you for making our party such a sucess. you are a true artist and the food and presentation were both so impressive! Several people have called to get your name. Everyone gives praise to the caterer!!"
- Jenny, Tina, Jill and Greg

Extravaganza Catering by Pat Smith!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions - We have answers!

Do you provide wedding coordination?
Extravaganza provides coordination in conjunction with the Wedding Planner for the bride & groom.

Do you have workman’s compensation?

Do you handle rental equipment?
Extravaganza will coordinate rentals when stipulated in the client contract.

Do you have a license to serve alcohol?
Extravaganza is licensed to serve liquor but not licensed for the sale of alcohol.

Do you offer free taste tests?
No. Extravaganza provides a specialized tasting after client has chosen to work with us for their event.

Do you have photographs of previous events?
Yes, and accumulating more with each event.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Do you return rental items?
Extravaganza will coordinate rental returns when stipulated in the client contract.

Describe your dress code for weddings:
Wait Staff will be attired in black & white, finished with bistro aprons and ties. Should the wedding have a theme, wait staff will dress accordingly to the request of the bride & groom.

How many days in advance for final count?
Extravaganza requests a final guest count seven working days prior to the celebration.

Minimum/Maximum number of people you can serve?
With no private event too intimate, Extravaganza can provide excellent service for parties from 15 to 1500 guests.

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