Extravaganza Catering by Pat Smith!

Sample Menus
Continental Breakfast
Choice Buffet
Hot D'oeuvres
Cold D'oeuvres
On-Site BBQ
Gourmet Salads
Poultry Selections
Starch and Vegetables
Meat Entrees

Sample Themes
Mexican BBQ Buffet
Tuscan Style
Asian Style
Tropical Islands
Specialty Tea & Sandwich
Summer Concert Box
Fundraiser Reception
Wedding Reception
5 Day International Training

"The party last night was wonderful - thank you for doing such a great job, especially with all the last minute menu items. We will definitely use you again!"
- Susan Leiter

"Dear Pat, thank you so much for your support of both BSLO and Foothill school, Saratoga is a better place because of you and Extravaganza Catering."
- Jill and Claire

Extravaganza Catering by Pat Smith!

Sample Menus

Vegetarian Menu

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